About Me

Safia Haque is a speaker and coach on a mission to take one Parent/Carer per household on earth through the Inside-Out Transformation. 

She lives in Reading with her husband and three children, a pet squirrel in the garden and lovely neighbours all around.

Three years ago, she discovered the Inside-Out Paradigm, which transformed her whole life; it was real blessing for her and her family.

Gaining the understanding of the Inside-Out Paradigm has granted her the ability to parent effortlessly. Experiencing this for herself, she made it her mission of life to take other parents and carers through this transformation too. 

She has trained with the highly successful Coach Mamoon Yusaf in addition to others to become a coach and is certified by Inside-Out Coach Academy by Mamoon Yusaf.

She wants to make parenting easier and stress free, and to share the insights she has been honoured with

that makes it all possible for you too.

Safia is also an Ambassador for Children’s Mental Health with the “My Mental Health Rocks Organisation”, bringing emotional well being to children all over the world. To find out more book a session at the link above,