Relationship Rescue Free Live Masterclass Secrets to saving your relationships during Lockdown and staying happy

Have you been stuck at home with ALL of your family!

All getting in each others way, children running around like crazy and you and your Partner working from home too.

In this Masterclass jointly presented by Safia and Shez you’ll discover……

    • The “Top Reasons” why people behave in a certain way towards each other, how to pick up the signs, know exactly when to communicate and when not to, and easily move on from any disagreements.

    • Uncover the “Number one Feeling” that reduces friction instantly in challenging conversations and creates connection with all types of family members.

    • Discover how easy it is to “Move on and Overlook Mistakes” with mercy, kindness, compassion and effortlessly, with this simple ancient mind set shift that makes life easier and happier for ourselves and others.


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