Effortless Parenting Course
How To Raise Happy, Healthy, Confident Kids, Without Any Guilt, Stress or Worry

If you have tried everything to create the calm, respectful and connected home you always dreamed of but are currently not getting those results, then I would love to help.

This powerful, eye opening course introduces you to the art of effortless parenting. Six modules are included; here’s a sneak peek of the first two modules:

  • Deep understanding of the Inside-Out Paradigm, based on the 1st LAW of Psychology (Sydney Banks and Keith Blevens).
  • Open your innate parenting wisdom to make the best decisions effortlessly for you and your family.
  • Get to a place using the logic of the Inside-Out Paradigm that your children never have, never will and never can cause your feelings.
  • Imagine to be completely free of the need to ever convince your child to be okay for you to be okay.
  • Experience real empathy from a place of purely being there for your child without any emotional expectations.
  • Act with a peaceful and calm mind to make your interactions guilt-free and effortless.
  • Eliminate going down the “I told you so” or the long process of “if you didn’t do this or behave like that, then we wouldn’t be in this mess.”.
  • Raise your words, not your voice. It’s rainfall that causes flowers to grow, not thunder. (Rumi)
  • Technique to avoid any fuss and have a simple repetitive system in place to avoid any guilt from building up in the first place.
  • Drop the illusion that kids can make us mad and have the inner clarity to know where the line is.

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