Are you all ‘tangled up’ in the emotional ups and downs of your children?

What if there was a simple, powerful way to ride out “Thought Storms”, as well as the weather of our emotions, feelings, moods and attitudes, so we can be present with our children, no matter what they’re experiencing? One brilliant example came up for me while talking to my sister last week (thank you dearest sister 🙂 ).

In the movie “Tangled”, Rapunzel escapes from the tower, and she goes through a turbulent ‘thought storm’. She switches from one thought to another about her decision to leave the tower. One minute she is celebrating her freedom; laughing, running and jumping. Yet within a split second she is crying and condemning her own actions, feeling guilty about leaving her tower and disappointing her Mother. 

If we think about it, the circumstances are exactly the same throughout this Thought Storm that was going on in her head. The question is, what has changed?

What changed was her ‘thinking about the circumstances’, as the circumstances did not change in the slightest bit throughout all her ups and downs. 

In the same way like Rapunzel, we as human beings experience ‘thought storms’
too, but when tangle ourselves up and innocently believe they are coming from our circumstances, our turbulence propels further.

As parents we often get sucked into the thought storms our children experience; it’s tiring and emotionally draining to keep up with all the ups and downs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually be there for your children without having to go through all the emotional turmoil yourself with them.

To free yourself from the tower of turbulence, let your hair flow down and escape. And you can already see the gift that will make you truly untangled, inviting you to a jollier life:

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Outside In Language to Inside Out language Transformtion

After discovering the Inside-Out reality, which states that “Feelings always come from thought in the moment” I had to rethink the language I use with my children and others around me.

The following phrases were no longer true and I could not stand up for them anymore, unless I fell in the illusion innocently, which we all do everyday….

You make me mad.

What you are doing is so annoying.

Because of your bad behaviour I am so angry now.

Dropping pencils on the floor makes me really mad. I used to believe that the sound of dropping pencils made me really mad…..I know I know…’s strange

I can go on and on, but I had to replace this language with more wise words or no words at all sometimes, as no one has the ability or powers to make us mad, annoyed or angry although our Ego wants us to believe that. So here are some of the phrases to replace the above. 

I am mad right now, let me go and cool down and come back…..

I am annoyed, but it has nothing to do with you……

I am angry. (My anger is coming from my own thinking)   I still need to correct my child’s behaviour but not from an angry state of mind, so let’s talk about it when my angry thinking has moved on and I am sane again.

As pencil dropping has never or will never cause my feelings, so now I can just ignore it when it happens 100 times a day………..:)

If this is all a bit out there and you don’t agree then book a free Effortless Parenting Session today so we can clear up once and for all where our feelings actually come from